Waco's Greatest Days Are Ahead

In the last several years, the nation has fixed its eyes on Waco. People have watched our city on television, made pilgrimages here, and have seen that life is good in Waco. But the greatest days for Waco are ahead. Now is the time for Waco to be an example to the country of how to remain rooted in our timeless values of integrity, goodness, grit, and resilience – while always improving, innovating, and advancing further toward progress and prosperity. Given Waco’s geographic location, the Texas economy, and recent local momentum, there is a great opportunity for holistic, exciting economic growth in the city and greater prosperity for all Wacoans.

How Meek Will Improve Waco

In his time serving as a council member, Meek has learned firsthand of the challenges and opportunities our community faces and the role the City of Waco can play in strategically addressing these issues. If elected, Meek will use his experience -- on council and in business -- to improve Waco with the following priorities:

Growing Waco’s Economy

Waco must develop new, aggressive, innovative, and inclusive economic and community development policies to make sure all sectors of our economy can grow.

How will we do this:

• Our economic development strategies and policies need to be updated to allow the city and its partners to aggressively, proactively recruit and retain diverse industry sectors. Whether the innovative entrepreneur or the established manufacturer, the small main street shop or a major tech organization, now is the time for all Waco citizens to have an opportunity for prosperity.

• Improve, diversify and innovate business incentive offerings.

• Ensure there are robust transportation options by improving Waco Regional Airport, lobbying for high speed rail, and reducing Waco Transit bus travel time with implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit system.

• Work with community partners to implement skills-based, certification-producing job training programs that lead to financially secure careers.

• Continue developing and implementing strategic, smart plans for housing and equitable practices, which are currently in-process of being established.

Advancing Waco’s Quality of Life

Waco must ensure our city amenities are prepared, and our citizens are empowered to advance a dynamic culture and desirable quality of life.

How will we do this:

• Continue to support and empower strategic organizations like Creative Waco and the Greater Waco Sports Commission, whose tactical, collaborative organizations rapidly improve cultural opportunities for Wacoans.

• Make sure Waco is safe by continuing to strongly support our fire and police departments.

• Make sure Waco’s amenities – parks, community centers, libraries and meeting spaces are well-cared for and optimized.

• Make sure Waco is clean by improving code enforcement strategies, which governs the care of properties.

• Develop business district improvements plans so that existing business nodes throughout the city can have tailored design strategies for the long term. This might include TIF and PID options available, whereby infrastructure, façade improvements, private security, landscape care and public improvement grants would accelerate growth and improve businesses.

•Ensuring sound public health policies are implemented that both protect the public health and economy

Marketing Waco’s Greatness

Waco must improve its marketing and branding strategies so that people who may visit, businesses that may relocate and even our own current citizens are informed of the Waco opportunity.

How will we do this:

• Identity matters. The first step is to have a community conversation on our brand.

• Next, we will develop a strong marketing plan to communicate our brand in smart, diverse and beautiful ways.

Building Waco’s Infrastructure

Waco must continue to prioritize smart growth and current infrastructure needs by continuing on Waco’s robust capital improvement and street plan. More information about these plans are available buildingwaco.com and waco-texas.com/streets-program.asp.

Offering Excellent Customer Service

Waco must provide quality city services that provide value to our citizens. At every level of city government, customer service, efficiency and quality must be priorities. We are committed to this.


Meek began his career in 2010 after he graduated Baylor Law School and went to work as an associate attorney at Haley Olson, PC, a local, full service civil law firm, representing (primarily) local governments and financial institutions. In 2013, he went to work for a local investment company, Rydell Holdings, LLC. Meek currently serves as General Counsel and EVP of Development for First Title Company of Waco.

Meek currently serves on the boards of Waco organizations in the following capacities:

• Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization, board chair

• City Center Waco, board chair

• Downtown Farmers Market, board member

• Community Loan Center, board member

• UnBound Waco, advisory board member

Meek has previously served on the boards of Waco organizations in the following capacities:

• Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, board member

• Greater Waco Sports Commission, board member

• Inspiracion, board member

Want to give? Make checks payable to “Dillon Meek for Mayor” and send to 2223 Austin Ave., Ste. C, Waco TX 76701.
Email Dillon at [email protected]